In a world that’s driven by chaos and madness, it can be challenging to find a mediator between mayhem and calm; symptom and remedy. The panic that is locked within moments of anxiety and unease is immensely hard to extinguish and such times, therefore, call for minds that are settled, and people who possess the rare ability to resuscitate balance.

This feeling of panic is often exacerbated when our dear ones or we ourselves are suffering from sickness, and it’s always at these times when we feel the most helpless, vulnerable and incapable of thinking straight. Here’s a story of someone who plays that tricky role of mediating between mayhem and calm:

Saleha, at Mirai Health, derives a great deal of meaning from her job as a practice assistant. She admits that handling patients or their caregivers who are in the midst of a crisis can be personally taxing and extremely tricky as it demands patience, composure and courtesy, which can be difficult to maintain.

Fortunately for Saleha, she has an abundance of all three traits! This allows her to deal with a patient who, for example, is trudging through a major depressive episode, a situation that is difficult and emotionally exhausting.

Her role extends far beyond just booking an appointment for patients, over the last six months, it even includes helping a patient who had forgotten his prescription to connect with his doctor urgently so he could get a replacement prescription, or saving another an extra visit to the hospital or helping them get an alternate medicine from the doctor when the original medicine was not available.

What’s vital to remember, however, is that such a line of work not only carries with itself a massive portion of responsibility, but also irreplaceable rewards. Having played an instrumental part in providing an individual in need of help, with help, instills in Saleha a profound sense of gratification, fulfillment and delight.

Someone once said that the greatest fruits one can reap from human actions are the gifts of joy and humility. Therefore, it seems plausible that trying to master the art of connecting seekers to providers of care, in itself, a catalyst in having a bright future for healthcare.

Perhaps, it’s time to dive into the light….