We have shortened it for you. You can call it CHQ.
People, practices and perspectives in healthcare,
We are inspired by all of them—fair and square.


CHQ strives to build a community of writers who are driven by the sheer joy of spreading the word. By supplying to an ever-increasing demand for relevant content across the globe, CHQ provides a data-driven reality check to stir thoughts around the need for healthcare innovation.

More than finding answers, we are invested in asking the right questions.

For our contributors…

What we want: Independence, provocation, relevance. We welcome novel failures that challenge established successes.

Lets be clear..

Connected health | kəˈnɛkt/ hɛlθ/


1 model for healthcare delivery providing that uses technology to provide healthcare remotely.

Quarterly | ˈkwɔːtəli/


1 a magazine or journal that is published four times a year.

Literally, we must be the above two things. Well, we are, but we are also more.

The print journal (which is also online) continues to be published quarterly around a selected theme. We try to be more frequent with other content. We include connected health, but we also talk healthcare in general and review it in the absence of technological interventions.